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Menachem Zilberman, Zman Tel Aviv:
"Bar Bakfar in Moshav Sharona is the rural accommodation that everyone dreams of. The rooms are cute, homely, surrounded by greenery, air conditioned, well equipped and clean. But the breakfast wins all the Oscars. Nili Bar produces in her kitchen beer bread with sunflower seeds, rustic bread with rye seeds, bread rolls with an aroma that can wake you up from a deep sleep, she makes jams, she dries tomatoes, she even pickles olives and makes pancakes. The cheese and the labene she brings in from the neighboring Circassian village, the lemonade is freshly squeezed from the tree, the omelets are prepared from the fresh farm eggs, the salad is dressed with virgin olive oil and the "coffee is just right
Nili Friedlandler, Ma'ariv
In a beautiful garden Nili and Dubi Bar have two new white accommodation units with blue windows, designed with excellent taste, a light blue wall to wall carpet and a Van Gogh style wooden table and chairs
Dorit Yulzari, Business Incentives Ltd
I would like to thank you personally for the pleasurable, warm and friendly hospitality that you provided to my customers. At the end of their stay, on their way back to "reality" they called me and couldn't find the words to thank me and to tell me about your special location. So pampering, so unique, and you…the salt of the earth, a wonderful person. For everything, many thanks.
Meira and Shaul Smadga
Many thanks for the warm hospitality. We enjoyed it very much. The room was "out of this world", the Jacuzzi a legend, and the breakfast left us wanting more. Goodbye till the next time.
Yuval and Ma'ayan Bar, Kibbutz Beeri
A huge thank you for the perfect hospitality, the romantic atmosphere, the unbelievable silence, surrounded by the fragrances of the country, the total relaxation in the Jacuzzi, the sports activities in the olives groves and the fantastic breakfast – all this in an area that we hadn't visited before.
The Shochet and Nechmad Families
We would like to thank you for our special and pleasant stay in your vacation homes. We thoroughly enjoyed both the houses designed for the guest's comfort and the way in which they are equipped with beautiful items focusing on comfort. We also enjoyed the gardens surrounding each house and the pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in them. Of course the wonderful breakfasts which allowed us to sit as a family and enjoy both the meal and the comfortable seating together. Finally your hospitality, from the explanations about the area and the help in planning our routes for our trips in the surrounding areas. (The children were thrilled with the visit to Shdemot Devora, they painted on silk, made candles and learned how to observe bees. The visit to the Marzipan Museum was fun but a bit commercial). Thank you for the hospitality and we hope to come back again and again

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